Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Dr. Dale Dolan


With carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere reaching record highs and 2020 quickly approaching, California is expected to pave the way for the United States in terms of replacing fossil fuel generation facilities with various renewable energy power plants. It is well documented that the inherent variability and limited duty cycle of renewables has hindered their growth. Energy storage technologies represent the bridge that can help us cross the divide from where we stand to where we must stand in the next 6 years. Utility companies value services such as peak shaving, voltage support, and frequency regulation, all of which energy storage technologies can provide. Commercial and residential clients’ of the utility will begin to install their own storage systems once properly incentivized. In this paper, a control algorithm for Sodium Sulfur batteries is proposed with hopes that the aforementioned services will be provided to the utilities while system owners realize profit.