Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning


City and Regional Planning


Kelly Main


Historic buildings represent a significant portion of the built environment. Local governments are at the forefront for deciding how these historic buildings will be treated and preserved. The preservation of historic buildings is important for a variety of reasons. Among these reasons is that the preservation of historic buildings and structures helps communities retain a sense of character and place. Additionally, historic preservation makes sense both economically and environmentally. The dilemma for many local municipalities, the City of Arroyo Grande in particular, is that historic structures are at risk of demolition and inappropriate alterations. Through a multi-modal approach, this project seeks to find ways that structures can be preserved. The project looks at how the federal, state and local governments deal with historic properties. It then provides information on how local governments can protect their historic resources through surveys, ordinances and design guidelines. The project relies heavily on the expert knowledge of the Secretary of the Interior and other best practice methods found during a review of the literature. The project serves to inform the Preservation Approaches Plan document for the City of Arroyo Grande which is Appendix 1. The Preservation Plan document serves as a roadmap for future public preservation activities.