Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


Michael Haungs


Web applications are quickly replacing standalone applications for everyday tasks.

These web applications need to be tested to ensure proper functionality and

reliability. There have been substantial efforts to create tools that assist with the

testing of web applications, but there is no standard set of tools or a recommended

workflow to ensure speed of development and strength of application.

We have used and outlined the merits of a number of existing testing tools

and brought together the best among them to create what we believe is a fully- featured, easy to use, testing framework and workflow for web application devel- opment.

We then took an existing web application, PolyXpress, and augmented its

development process to include our workflow suggestions in order to incorporate

testing at all levels. PolyXpress is a web application that “allows you to create

location-based stories, build eTours, or create restaurant guides. It is the tool

that will bring people to locations in order to entertain, educate, or provide

amazing deals.”[10] After incorporating our testing procedures, we immediately

detected previously unknown bugs in the software. In addition, there is now a

workflow in place for future developers to use which will expedite their testing

and development.