Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning


City and Regional Planning


Professor Umut Toker


Los Angeles is experiencing a loss of inventory with Industrial land due to adaptive reuse and property conversion. The primary factors behind the conversions are

inconsistent land use regulations and a strong market

demand for residential property. In an effort to streamline land use regulation,

the city will create a new zoning code. In conjunction with the zoning update,

the purpose of this project will be to develop a form-based code for the Los

Angeles Arts District. The new land use regulation will explore methods to

preserve job producing industrial space and accommodate the growing

residential market in the area. Data for this study was collected and presented

as a site analysis. The study also includes a literature review that examines

the history of land use regulation in Europe and the United States. The site

analysis for the Arts District includes an investigation of circulation patterns,

economic factors, development profile, community input, and review of

planning documents. Research includes a chronological investigation of the

Arts District’s history, land use policies, and regulations. The study indicates

that the Arts District, though primarily industrial, contains multiple residential

nodes. Additionally, it reveals that industrial jobs and building stock are at risk

from new development. The purpose of The Arts District Form-Based Code,

as the new land use regulation, is to create a predicable development pattern

that improves the quality of the built environment.