Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering


Dr. Rob A. McDonald


As engineering technologies continue to grow and improve, the complexities in the engineering models which utilize these technologies also increase. This seemingly endless cycle of increased computational power and demand has sparked the need to create representative models, or metamodels, which accurately reflect these complex design spaces in a computationally efficient manner. As research into metamodeling and using advanced metamodeling techniques continues, it is important to remember design engineers who need to use these advancements. Even experienced engineers may not be well versed in the material and mathematical background that is currently required to generate and fully comprehend advanced complex metamodels. A metamodeling environment which utilizes an advanced metamodeling technique known as Gaussian Process is being developed to help bridge the gap that is currently growing between the research community and design engineers. This tool allows users to easily create, modify, query, and visually/numerically assess the quality of metamodels for a broad spectrum of design challenges.