Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Agriculture - Dairy Products Technology


Dairy Science


Nana Farkye


Effects of two types of chelating agents on proteolysis and texture properties of low fat Cheddar cheese (LFC) were analyzed and compared to full fat Cheddar (FFC) control during ripening for 120 days at 8°C. We hypothesized that chelating agents would bind calcium ions from cheese matrix to give a softer curd due to a decrease of protein-protein interactions and simultaneously increasing moisture content. Cheese milk containing (0.59% fat) was divided into three lots (A, B & C). Sodium citrate (3Na) and disodium EDTA (EDTA) were added to A & B at the rate of (0.02% and 0.2% respectively. C served as control (LFC). Cheesemilk (88°F) was preacidified to pH 6.2 prior to setting using 34 ml chymosin/454 kg and starter culture addition. After cutting, curd was cooked to 96°F for 30 min and held for 10 min. After cooking, the curd was washed, salted, hooped and pressed. FFC was made on subsequence days from same batch of milk by the stirred curd method for Cheddar cheese, cheesemaking was replicated 5 times. Significant difference in moisture content (P˂0.05) was observed between FFC and LFC. Calcium content on the EDTA and 3Na was significantly reduced (P˂0.05) compared to FFC. No significant difference (P˃0.05) in hardness was observed between FFC and LFC at day 7 and 30. After day 30, significant differences (P