Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Lynne Slivovsky


This thesis entails the design and fabrication of a smartphone charger that is powered by a bicycle dynamo hub. In addition to the design and validation of the charger prototype, this thesis involves the testing and characterization of the dynamo hub power source, the design and construction of specialized test equipment, and the design and prototyping of a handlebar-mounted case for the smartphone and charging electronics. With the intention of making the device a commercial product, price, aesthetics, and marketability are of importance to the design. An appropriate description of the charger circuit is a microcontroller-based energy management system, tailored to meet strict power demands of current smartphones. The system incorporates a switched-mode power supply, lithium polymer battery, microcontroller, and specialized protection circuitry. Prototype testing confirms that the circuit meets the charging requirements of the smartphone at bicycle speeds ranging from 7 miles per hour to as high as 55 miles per hour.