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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Ali Shaban



Designing Anti-Islanding Detection Using the Synchrophasor Vector Processor

Ruth Huang

The need for distributed generation (DG) has become more and more popular because of the adverse effects of fossil fuels and the fear of running out of fossil fuels. By having DG, there are less transmission losses, voltage support, controllability of the system, decreased costs in transmission and distribution, power quality improvement, energy efficiency, and reduced reserve margin. The adverse effects of DG are voltage flicker, harmonics, and islanding. Islanding occurs when the DG continues to energize the power system when the main utility is disconnected. Detecting islanding is important for personnel safety, speedy restoration, and equipment protection. This paper describes the different islanding methods currently used and the benefits of combining two passive islanding detection methods, under/over voltage detection and voltage phase jump detection methods, using the synchrophasor vector processor (SVP).