SUSTAIN SLO is a community of faculty, students, and organizations in San Luis Obispo County who are involved in a research project to explore alternative ways of learning and being. This research is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (*NSF grant #1044430, #0717428, #1025265). The manifestation of this research was four freshman-learning cohorts (2012, 2013, 2104, 2105) that took course together, worked on project in the SLO community, and enjoyed community dialogs. The data collected is available and anonymized for research use. All questions can be directed to Lizabeth Schlemer or Linda Vanasupa.

The data is organized by research type into the following groups:

The philosophy of our work is based on the belief that the future will be fundamentally different than the past, and we are not convinced that 20th century models of education fully prepare students for the rapidly changing world we live in. We are looking to create an educational experience that enables people to creatively address the complex challenges that they will face in an interconnected world. All members of the SUSTAIN SLO community, including the faculty and members of the community organizations, are considered co-learners. This community is guided by two principles

  • Honoring the whole.
  • The quality of our relationships (shared commitment) defines the quality of what we can do together.
SUSTAIN SLO is centered around sustainability—social equity, environmental health, and prosperity. Our learning objectives are to:
  1. Integrate learning through authentic team projects.
  2. Develop the capacity for systems thinking.
  3. Focus on sustainability to gain knowledge of cultures and the physical world.
  4. Explore personal and social responsibility through community engagement.