Sustainability Conference




Over 450 chancellors and presidents have signed the Presidents Climate Commitment. This was done with the best intentions, and with the strong encouragement of students, staff, faculty, and facilities staff; it feels like the right thing to do. However, making the commitment and implementing a program that meets its goals represent two very different tasks. This workshop will review current programs for addressing the climate challenge; identify their many obstacles; and explore strategies for overcoming these obstacles and achieving carbon neutrality. The format for this workshop will be simple. A matrix based on the most common issues and their possible solutions will be reviewed. In addition to our own information, we will use data collected from a handful of institutions as a guide. During the workshop, which will include the participation of key Signatories, we will solicit additional input from attendees regarding the solutions they have developed. This will be a highly interactive session. Issues and solutions will be recorded at the meeting and results will be distributed to participants. Working with the conference planning committee, we will identify participating Signatories and candidate institutions for soliciting initial input via written questionnaire; we will follow up with phone or email interviews.