World Languages and Cultures Department faculty researchers emphasize practical student learning in French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and Japanese to provide communicative competence. The department collaborates with Cal Poly's School of Education and the CSU’s International Programs to prepare students for cultural, educational, literary and professional needs domestically and abroad.

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Submissions from 2006


La fe de Don Quijote en la perspectiva de Miguel de Unamuno, Kevin Fagan

Submissions from 2005


Beauty in Bastardy? Breytenbach on Afrikaans and the Afrikaners, Brian G. Kennelly

Submissions from 2003


Freedom of Conscience in John H. Newman and Miguel de Unamuno, Kevin T. Fagan

Submissions from 2002


Truth and Consequences: Renaud Camus and the Personal, Brian G. Kennelly

Submissions from 1999


Hacia una Estética del Análisis de Códigos Poéticos, William Martínez

Submissions from 1996


Dissolving the Divine: The Tragedy of Identity in Genet's "Elle", Brian G. Kennelly