The Mathematics Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree program, which provides a rich and rigorous education in mathematics while preparing students for a wide range of career opportunities. Recent graduates have been accepted into doctoral programs at top-notch research universities, while others have taken lucrative positions in industry or pursued careers in secondary teaching.

Majors in the department have the opportunity to pursue their own mathematical interests through senior projects. Math has a vibrant and engaging faculty with diverse areas of expertise, and students can choose from a wide variety of interesting topics. Recent projects include coding theory, oceanography, topology, and pedagogical issues in high school mathematics.

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Senior Projects from 2018


Invariant Subspaces of Compact Operators and Related Topics, Weston Mckay Grewe

Senior Projects from 2013


Hilbert Space Theory and Applications in Basic Quantum Mechanics, Matthew Gagne

Senior Projects from 2012


Modeling Glacial Termination, Michael Murphy

Senior Projects from 2011


Analysis of ROMS Estimated Posterior Error Utilizing 4DVAR Data Assimilation, Joseph Patrick Horton

Senior Projects from 1971


A PLI Computer Program for Hidden Line Elimination, Dennis M. Pfister