Journalism Department

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BS in Journalism




Patrick Munroe


The development of social media has created an online environment conducive to creating connections and fostering relationships. As new social media sites are being introduced, researchers in every field of study are attempting to determine the most effective ways for organizations to use them. By using these findings and implementing social media campaigns into their communication strategies, non-profit organizations now have the ability to inform their respective publics about upcoming events, increase donation requests and create a community around their designated cause. A content analysis was conducted to examine how the American Cancer Society has implemented the use of social media sites into their marketing and public relations strategies. This study examines the Society’s use of blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Linked In, the Cancer Action Network, the Cancer Survivors Network and internal social networking sites. The results indicate that the American Cancer Society has established a strong online presence by taking advantage of individual social networking sites’ distinct features. As a result, the organization has brought additional attention to their cause, created a stronger network of supporters and increased donations.