College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Graphic Communication Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Graphic Communication



Primary Advisor

Hocheol Yang, College of Liberal Arts, Graphic Communication Department


As a young adult, specifically a college student, finding the time, effort, and money to cook delicious and nutritious meals can be extremely difficult. The stereotypical young adult will gravitate to the frozen section of grocery stores simply because of how efficient they can be. However, eating solely frozen food is not satisfying or very healthy. Because young adulthood is the first time most are living on their own, it is also the first time they only have themselves to rely on for cooking meals. With little to no experience, it can be daunting to enter the kitchen and try to cook something as well as one might be used to while growing up at home. A great helper for learning how to cook is cookbooks, but there are few to almost none that are geared towards a younger audience. A cookbook with the intended audience being young adults could provide a product where there is a big gap in the market. According to the Education Data Initiative, the average cost of groceries for a college student ranges around $250 while the average cost of groceries for any random given individual is $356 (Hanson, 2023). This $106 difference makes it extremely difficult to cook out of books that are created based on the average individual. A specific cookbook focused on that lower budget would be extremely beneficial to young adults who don’t have as much money to spend on groceries. Another issue with current eating habits of young adults creates issues with overweightness and obesity (Sogari, G., Velez-Argumedo, C., Gómez, M. I., & Mora, C, 2018). Designing a cookbook for them to use would enable them to cook rather than live off of frozen food. For this project, the first step is to compile the recipes and cook them. From there, photos will be taken and then edited within photoshop. Finally, these edited images can be taken into InDesign and incorporated into an aesthetic layout that would catch young audiences' eyes. While the gap in the market is already present, the design of the cookbook will be the final touch that allows for the cookbook to thrive and ultimately be a successful project.

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