College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Graphic Communication Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Graphic Communication



Primary Advisor

Hocheol Yang, College of Liberal Arts, Graphic Communication Department


For my Senior Project, I found a small Inn in Maine that was just purchased by a new owner. The previous owner of The High Tide Inn was very old and had owned the Inn for a long time, running on word of mouth and the quaint charm of the location. Their website was not a priority and had not been updated in decades. It was not mobile friendly, up to date, or easy to navigate. The logo reflects a charming sign on the property, but does not translate well digitally. In addition to this, there is no vector file of the logo but just an incredibly pixelated logo in JPEG format. The new owners know their brand needs some updates but do not know where to start. It is important for their brand to reflect the rich history of the Inn to cater to the families who had made a tradition of coming every summer for years, but the new owners know there are changes that need to be made. Some of the on-site facilities are very outdated and they would like to increase bookings and increase rates to improve profitability to fund updates to the Inn.