This paper presents background information and experiment procedures for an antenna measurement laboratory course to be held in a new anechoic chamber at California Polytechnic State University. The lab consists of five experiments and one design project intended to give students practical experience with antenna measurement techniques and to creatively apply analytical skills to design, construct, and test antennas that meet given specifications. The experiments reinforce antenna principles including E-field polarization, antenna gain, radiation patterns, image theory, and frequency response.

In addition to the experiment procedures, this paper presents the design and characterization of Helical Beam (RHCP and LHCP) and Discone antennas, a Dipole Antenna near Planar and Corner Reflectors, and Dipoles with and without a balun. These antennas demonstrate polarization, antenna gain, broadband matching characteristics, image theory, and feedline radiation due to unbalanced currents. Measured radiation patterns, gain, and axial ratio (helical only) show excellent correlation to theoretical predictions.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Published by Antenna Measurement Techniques Association.



URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/eeng_fac/232