Teaching and Learning Strategies, Learning with Technology, Communication Strategies, Learner-Centered Course Design


Timed team competition sessions are designed to introduce our FYE students to library services. Employing active learning, group learning and competition, instructors have reported that this approach keeps the students engaged and on task. During this presentation, I will present ways to infuse these various methods into other classroom experiences.

TimedTeamCompetitionFYEOrientation.pdf (14 kB)
A more detailed version of my research.

ExploringtheCSUDHLibraryPt1.pdf (64 kB)
UNV 101 class assignment - the basis of my research, part 1

ExploringtheCSUDHLibraryPt2.pdf (19 kB)
UNV 101 Library assignment - part 2 of the set.

TTC.FYE.ppt (159 kB)
This is the PPT I used during the presentation.