Department - Author 1

Computer Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Software Engineering



Primary Advisor

David Janzen


Repay is a streamlined service for interviewees to be repaid by companies. It plays off the idea that many graduating college seniors endure when looking for a job: there is not a hassle-free process for interviewees to be repaid for expenses when traveling to and from an interview. The goal of this senior project was to develop a cross-platform application (iOS and web) with the hopes of improving the reimbursement process for both future employees and company HR representatives. Research suggests that a more simplistic process will allow candidates to receive their money quickly and enhance the overall image of companies.

Repay is an iOS application developed in Swift and a web application developed in AngularJS, leveraging some of the latest database technologies and design patterns. The project was completed over a period of four months and is currently being branded to appeal to companies that interact with thousands of potential employees each year.