Department - Author 1

Computer Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Software Engineering



Primary Advisor

Lynne Slivovsky


The project that PomTech worked on for Capstone is the Pre­R iOS Application for Dr. Sam Slishman. The main objective for this project was to create a functional prototype of the iOS application and deliver it to Dr. Slishman by the end of the 2016 Winter quarter. The prototype features the ability for patients to contact Dr. Slishman for consultation through a phone call, a Facetime video call, email, or a house call. In addition, the user of the prototype is able to see the proximity and availability of Dr. Slishman. Other features include a profile page of Dr. Slishman, a personal information form for patients to complete, and the ability for Dr. Slishman to update his contact availability.