Department - Author 1

Industrial Technology

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Technology



Primary Advisor

John Clements


In today’s fast-paced distribution centers workers and management alike are constantly searching for the quickest and most efficient way to package items for distribution. Even with the advancement of app-oriented solutions to a variety of problems across many industries there is a distinct unmet need in distribution environments for an application capable of increasing the efficiency and accuracy of packaging items. This senior project focused on the development and testing of an application utilizing the Structure Three Dimensional Sensor and a 4th generation iPad to scan an object or group of objects to be packaged and determine the overall dimensions (length, width, & height) of the minimum sized package necessary to contain the objects. In cooperation with a Computer Science student, two Industrial Technology students developed multiple iterations and alternate methods of testing to determine and optimize the accuracy and functionality of the application. This project has been developed in coordination with the technical advisers Industrial Technology professor Javier de la Fuente (PhD) and Computer Science professor John Clements (PhD).