Department - Author 1

Computer Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Science



Primary Advisor

Clark S. Turner


My senior project was spent building a desktop application similar to WriteRoom and OmmWriter. These two applications are both word processors for the Macintosh OS X operating system. Both of these applications are designed to be a reset on word processing software, bringing their interfaces back to the days of Microsoft Word 3.0 and Word Perfect. They do this by spending more time on focusing on the design of the software interface, and focusing on keeping it minimalistic, instead of filling the product with new obscure features, which is a common complaint against the current iterations of Microsoft Word.

The final application, named coffee_shop, ended up not meeting my expectations. Having spent most of my education developing applications for the internet, instead of the desktop, I ran into pitfalls which, if this had been an internet application, wouldn't have been as problematic. (27661 kB)
All source code for my project