Department - Author 1

Computer Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Science



Primary Advisor

Franz Kurfess


I’m going to discuss the process used to research, design, and develop a mobile application to handle song requests from patrons to disc jockeys. The research phase was completed in the first half of the project, during CSC-491, along with much of the design. The rest of the design and all of the development was completed during CSC-492. Once development began there were times when reverting back to the design phase was needed, which became apparent as more was learned about the mobile platform chosen for development, Android, and the backend server utilized, Google Firebase. Ultimately the project was purely academic, as there was not a real market or desire for the application as a product, so it was not published to the Google Play Store, and no company or corporation was formed around the application’s creation to take it to market.