Department - Author 1

Computer Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Science



Primary Advisor

Phillip L. Nico


The paper consists of a detailed examination of malware broken down into three main sections.

  1. Introduction: Malware in the World Today. Begins with a definition of terms, examination of the types of malware, research into historical pieces of malicious code, a detailed analysis of the attackers, why malware is so prevalent, and why it is so hard to defend against. This section finishes with a comparison of reasons to create and not to create malware.
  2. Background: "Good" Pieces of Malware. Examination of what makes malware effective. Analysis of the existing CVSS standard and proposal of the alternative VIPERS classification system. This is followed by a justification of the VIPERS system utilizing a comparison between the digital and information ecosystems. The justification for the alternative classification system is strengthened by the need to recognize stealth and subtlety within malware. This section finishes with an examination of the proposed Plaguebringer worm, as well as an ethical justification of why it was not created.
  3. Implementation: A VIPER Examined. A small sample exploit, analyzed according to the VIPERS system.