The City of San Joaquin General Plan Update Background Report was prepared by second-year graduate students and a professor in the City and Regional Planning Department at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. Under an agreement between the City and the Department, this report is the first deliverable in a two-phase Graduate Community and Regional Planning Studio project to prepare a General Plan Update for the City. This project partially fulfills the requirements necessary to obtain a Master of City and Regional Planning degree from the University. This document represents 12 weeks of research regarding existing conditions and future possibilities for the City, as well as community feedback and opinions gathered from participants in community events conducted during the research period.

The members of the Graduate Planning Studio Team wish to express their gratitude to all who made it possible to conduct this project and prepare this report. Sincere appreciation is extended to City staff, officials, and consultants for their assistance in gathering information needed to conduct this research, as well as for facilitating access to community events to engage local residents in the process. The Team would also like to thank the citizens of San Joaquin for their enthusiastic participation in community meetings. Without their participation, this project would not have been possible.


Urban, Community and Regional Planning

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