This paper presents the recent changes to different delivery methods for a residential construction management course at a major university. The project-based course was delivered similarly to a capstone course by combining Residential Methods, Estimating, Scheduling, and Contracts into one class with one overall final project. The course introduced students to land acquisition, land development, construction services, operations, finance, marketing, and sales. Information about the course’s 14 different delivery methods and the recent changes is provided in this paper. The recent changes are based on a survey that was conducted to obtain the students’ perspectives about the course delivery methods and combination of methods students preferred and found effective. Students also provided insight on additional delivery methods they preferred and found effective from other courses that provided insight to the recent changes. The results of the student surveys are presented and discussed. Survey results led to two alternative delivery methods that have been recently adopted in the course. These methods are: 1) providing opportunities for students to build residential assemblies outside the classroom in collaboration with industry professionals on full-scale projects by applying knowledge learned in class, and 2) new interactive electronic reading. This information may assist educators with developing the appropriate mix of delivery methods.


Construction Engineering and Management



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