This is the first of a series of articles reviewing the results of an ongoing qualitative research project designed to document construction superintendent skill sets and develop postsecondary curricula to support superintendent education. Varying views of the role of the superintendent and an historical perspective are presented in a review of literature. The research methodology for the entire project, as well as this first phase, is presented. Data have been coded and analyzed from the interviews with seven superintendents to date and the results of these analyses are provided. Themes that emerged in these interviews include people skills, understanding the work and sequencing, organizational and managerial skills, scheduling, estimating, cost control/awareness, work ethic, and learning from other people. Insights into how the role of the superintendent has changed and the preparation needed for future superintendents also are provided from these interviews. These preliminary results indicate there is a role for colleges and universities in developing these skill sets, and that construction superintendents now are doing tasks formerly thought to be the responsibility of project managers. The Technology Age coupled with our litigious society is forcing the construction superintendent into a new role.


Construction Engineering and Management

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