Volume 17, Issue 1 (2014)

The Summer 2014 issue of Between the Species addresses important theoretical issues that show how careful philosophical reflection about nonhuman animals can help clarify our notions of moral agency, equality, and the nature and scope of our obligations. In addition to these fine examples of philosophical argumentation, we include a work of fiction, “The King of the Meat Eaters,” by an anonymous author. All inquiries concerning this piece may be directed to me, jlynch@calpoly.edu. Also, this issue includes the first interview in the history of the journal. One of our Associate Editors, Angus Taylor, had the opportunity to interview Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlikca, whose book Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal Rights is perhaps the most important work in the field in many years. Finally, this issue contains a book review of Lisa Kemmerer’s Animals and World Religions. I encourage our readers to take a look at our “Books Received” page to see if there is a book they would considering reviewing.



Good Eats
Elizabeth Foreman

Book Review