The Baker Forum was established by the Cal Poly President's Cabinet* on the occasion of two decades of service to Cal Poly by President Warren J. Baker and his wife, Carly, to further the dialogue on critical public policy issues facing the nation and higher education. The forums give particular attention to the special social and economic roles and responsibilities of polytechnic and science and technology universities.

The health and prosperity of humanity in the 21st century depend upon our nation's ability to sustain and increase the pace of scientific and technical innovation. Polytechnic and science and technology universities must lead the way in ensuring that these innovations are applied broadly to serve the interests of society and in preparing new generations of innovators and problem-solvers.

The biennial Baker Forum provides an opportunity for polytechnic and science and technology university presidents and industry leaders to come together in an issue-focused, highly interactive setting designed to promote international dialogue, highlight issues of critical importance and stimulate creative responses.

Funding support from the President's Cabinet, friends of the university and John Wiley & Sons, Inc., is gratefully acknowledged.

       *The Cal Poly President's Cabinet is a senior advisory group of business, industry, government and community leaders.