A third year building design (BS) studio is integrated with a building environmental systems (BES) studio, which is referred to as the Integrated Project Studio. The same 18 students are in both the building design studio and the building environmental systems studio. The instructors for each studio, one an active practitioner who is a managing partner in a local firm and also a full time lecturer in the department and the second a full time academic (full professor) collaborate together on developing the content for both courses. The quarter starts of with a series of intense short workshops that used an interchangeable use of digital and physical media to focus on BES topics such as day lighting, electric lighting, and skin vocabulary to lead students to consider these components as part of their form-making inspiration. In integrating BES components with the design studio, a nine-step methodology has been established to provide students with a compelling and tangible framework for design. IPS is one of ten sections of design and BES taught in winter quarter, but It is left up to the individual instructors how and when building environmental systems (BES) topics such as day lighting, electric lighting, thermal behavior, acoustics and water and waste systems can be made part of students’ design investigations, in particular their articulation of building space and skin. The difficulty of synchronizing activities in the building environmental systems studio, BES lecture and design studio were formidable, and it was decided by the instructors to link these two studio activities as closely as possible in order to emphasize to students that ECS issues were fundamental to their design work.



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