The computation of takeoff distance for powered-lift aircraft is complicated because of the coupling of aerodynamic performance (lift, drag and moment coefficients) with forward speed. Cal Poly has developed an analysis procedure to capture this coupling, and the development of this procedure is continuing. In the past year, Cal Poly has completed a Phase I NRA contract from the NASA for the configuration development and modeling of CESTOL aircraft. The primary objective of this contract was to identify an aircraft configuration in enough detail to proceed into a Phase II contract to design and construct a large scale wind tunnel model followed by a wind tunnel test to measure both aerodynamic performance and noise. Four aircraft configurations have been developed, and all but one of the configurations use circulation control wing aerodynamics (CCW) to produce powered-lift aerodynamic effect for the wing. The aircraft configuration selected for the Phase II contract makes extensive use of CCW to develop high lift aerodynamics for takeoff and initial climb and again for final descent and landing.

An additional goal for the Phase I project was the CFD modeling of the aerodynamics of a CESTOL aircraft, and to use the CFD results to develop a new aerodynamic meta-model. In addition, a meta-model for propulsion performance was to be developed and the two meta-models were to be integrated into an upgraded takeoff code written in MATLAB. These models all combined were to demonstrate an up-graded version of the Cal Poly takeoff performance procedure. However, at present, the aerodynamics meta-model is not yet complete and work will continue on into Phase II. Thus, no specific takeoff performance is demonstrated in this paper. However, in this paper details of the aircraft configurations are presented, the options available to proceed high pressure air to the wing slots to produce CCW aerodynamics are discussed, the propulsion metamodel is defined, the analysis procedure for the aerodynamics meta-model is discussed and the up-graded takeoff program is discussed.


Aerospace Engineering

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