This work represents the USAF Academy portion of a culmination of three years of cooperative research in the Cranked Arrow Wing Aerodynamics International (CAWAPI) RTO Task Group, AVT-113. The objective of the group was to compute high resolution CFD simulations of a subset of the conditions created in the CAWAP flight test program managed by NASA Langley researchers and others. Seven flight conditions were chosen with four of them at symmetric conditions of medium to high angle of attack and subsonic Mach numbers, one symmetric condition at a transonic low angle of attack condition, and two conditions at medium angle of attack and subsonic Mach number but with positive and negative sideslips. The emphasis of the USAF Academy team was to explore unsteady effects and the ability of current methods to predict them. Very good agreement with flight test was found in almost all cases and the unsteadiness was documented with flowfield visualization and unsteady surface pressure coefficient data.


Aerospace Engineering



URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/aero_fac/39