A mesh deformation algorithm for unstructured grids is presented. It is designed for high Reynolds number flow problems. Such grids are employed in aerodynamic and aeroelastic studies of wings or complete aircraft configurations in flows where the viscous effects are important. Given a surface deformation, the method efficiently recalculates new locations of high aspect ratio cells that make up the viscous layers of the grid and then deforms the inviscid part of the grid using an established method based on a torsional spring analogy technique. Results are presented for monitoring the deterioration of the quality of the grid during subsequent deformation steps for aeroelastic studies as well as to ensure the time efficiency of the method. Results for grid deformation of a 1.4 million cell AGARD 445.6 wing grid designed for flow at high Reynolds numbers due to typical deformations are also presented. Finally, a discussion of the parallelization performance and comparison of the running time of the mesh deformation algorithm to that used by the flow solver is made.


Aerospace Engineering



URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/aero_fac/31