Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Dennis Derickson


In this project, the performance aspects of a new early generation 1310 nm Sampled-Grating Distributed Bragg Reflector (SG-DBR) semiconductor laser are investigated. SG-DBR lasers are ideal for Source Swept Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT), a Fourier-Domain based approach for OCT, necessitating a tunable wavelength source. Three internal sections control the frequency output for tuning, along with two amplifiers for amplitude control. These O-band SG-DBR devices are now being produced in research quantities. SG-DBR lasers have been produced at 1550 and 1600 nm for some times. Fundamental questions regarding the performance of the 1310 nm devices must be quantified. Standard metrics including the laser linewidth, amplitude modulation and frequency modulation responses are characterized. The intrinsic electrical parasitics of the laser diode segments and packaging are also investigated. In addition, testing fixture including a Thermal Electric Cooler (TEC) controller is for the characterization task. Measurements of these key metrics are essential to the enhancement of future devices, aiding in the optimization of more mature products.