Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning


City and Regional Planning


Chris Clark, JD


The City of Arroyo Grande, California has a problem administering the

regulations of five Planned Developments in the City. This problem arises

from these regulations being included in a 167-page appendix at the back of

the City’s Development Code. This appendix includes the original approvals

for the Developments. It also includes amendments to those approvals.

These amendments are only added to the appendix. Therefore, changes to

the regulations governing the Planned Developments are not tracked. It

takes City staff considerable amounts of time to research answers when

members of the public have questions regarding development in one of these

Developments. Because of the numerous pages that must be read through to

track the changes to one of the districts, there is no guarantee that the

information presented to the inquirer is accurate. This can lead to issues

when the rules are not consistently applied. The purpose of this project is to

investigate an appropriate method to address this problem.