Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Dr. Taufik


This thesis entails the design and implementation of a multiple input single output (MISO) DC-DC converter using the flyback topology to charge tablets/ smartphones or any USB powered portable device. The MISO converter will enable the use of various renewable energy sources such as a solar panel/ rechargeable battery combination, bicycle dynamo, hydroelectric power, and wind turbine. This paper will cover the design, simulations, and test results of the MISO converter. The flyback topology was chosen due to its low part count and its efficiency at low power. The proposed converter has a nominal 12V input to output USB 2.0 requirements (5V at 2.5W). Results from both computer simulation using LTSpice and hardware tests demonstrate the functionality of the proposed MISO converter with solar/battery and bicycle dynamo inputs. Overall performance of the converter in terms of efficiency, line and load regulations, as well as its charging ability to a cell phone will be presented in this report.