Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Polymers and Coatings


Chemistry & Biochemistry


Dr. Raymond H. Fernando


This project involved the improvement of several properties of the current “universal” primer coating sold by Kelly-Moore Paint Company. This formulation is an all purpose primer used both for interior and exterior applications. However, its corrosion resistance has room for improvement. The addition of sodium nitrite, an aminocarboxylate salt, and a zinc phosphate-based additive were all tested as corrosion inhibitors. In addition, during the project the coating binder was changed to improve adhesion. After a systematic experimental program, a new “universal” primer with increased corrosion resistance and adhesion was formulated.

A direct to metal top coat formulation sold by Kelly-Moore Paint Company was reformulated in order to produce a coating with better corrosion resistance and gloss retention. Five new latexes were investigated. Each formulation was tested for several properties including adhesion to metal substrates, water immersion resistance, accelerated UV exposure resistance, and outdoor exposure resistance. This effort resulted in a formulation that showed promise as a replacement for the current product; however, its adhesion was inadequate. Further work is needed to improve this coating.