Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning


City and Regional Planning


Michael Boswell


The City of South Lake Tahoe currently does not have an adopted subdivision ordinance. This has caused confusion about the approval process and regulatory requirements as well as delays in application processing. This Professional Project will explore the opportunity for the City to adopt a subdivision ordinance that would provide direction for subdivision design and approval and further the City’s smart growth and sustainability policies. However, there would need to be careful consideration for the potential increase in costs that are associated with additional fees or off-site improvement requirements. The Subdivision Ordinance would be written with the goals of achieving a streamlined process and incorporating design standards consistent with smart growth principles and sustainability consistent with the City’s Sustainability Plan. In addition, the Subdivision Ordinance must be consistent with the goals, policies, and programs of the City of South Lake Tahoe General Plan.

The project would begin with a literature review on subdivision regulation and the regulatory environment in South Lake Tahoe. Several subdivision ordinances would be reviewed for their ability to meet the goals of the South Lake Tahoe Ordinance. Throughout the process there will be consultation with other professionals. The final product will be a draft subdivision ordinance and an analysis of how well the draft achieves the goals.