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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering




As California continues to integrate more renewable energy into its electrical system, the state has experienced a corresponding rise in photovoltaic system installations. PV arrays are a unique source of power generation in that they are affected by the location of the sun, shading, and temperature changes. These characteristics make solar one of the most highly variable forms of renewable energy. In order to improve solar power’s consistency, PV systems require a supplemental source of power. The primary focus of this paper is to determine if distributed energy storage systems can be used to reduce the effect of solar intermittency. This paper examines the test data and system specifications of an experimental DESS. The benefits of using a DESS in a PV system are further studied using computer simulation modeling. This paper also shows through computer simulations how a maximum power point tracker can increase a PV array’s power output. The results of this thesis demonstrate that DESS’s are capable of smoothing out highly variable load profiles caused by intermittent solar power.