Date of Award


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Master of City and Regional Planning




Michael Boswell



Downtown Revitalization Strategy Report for Glenrock, WY

Mary E. Phillips

The following project submitted for the Master of City and Regional Planning Professional Project is the Downtown Revitalization Strategy Report for Glenrock, WY completed November 25, 2009.

At the onset of the project, the Town of Glenrock, WY was recognized as an Aspiring Main Street Community, and sought guidance to become a Certified Main Street Community. This Strategy Report was prepared to provide an implementation plan for revitalization of the downtown following the Main Street Approach, as well as for achievement of a Certified Main Street Community status by the year 2014.

The project included an interactive process, directly involving key representatives and stakeholders in the community. This included a public workshop and on-site strategy sessions with Town staff and the Glenrock Downtown Development Committee. The Strategy Report includes a basic assessment of existing conditions in downtown Glenrock based on information gathered at these meetings. From this initial assessment, issues, goals and objectives for downtown were identified. An overall strategy was then developed, in accordance with the Main Street Approach, which outlines the plan of action for the downtown revitalization and Main Street certification.

The implementation section of the plan then takes the identified actions and prioritizes them based on a 5-year implementation schedule. The development and prioritization of these actions was based on the following factors:

  • Requirements for the Wyoming Main Street Community certification status
  • Community goals for development in the downtown
  • Feasibility of implementation of plan components
  • Access to resources (of all types) for implementation
  • Players in the implementation of the plan

The result of this methodology was a plan that addressed the community’s needs, with an implementation program specifically tailored for the community’s available resources.