Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Forestry Sciences


Natural Resources Management


Douglas D. Piirto


There is limited information on how young-growth giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum [Lindl.] Buchholz)/mixed conifer stands respond to forest management strategies. An applied research study was initiated in 1989 when 35 approximately 0.1 acre (0.04 hectare) plots were installed in six young-growth giant sequoia/mixed conifer stands. The objective of this study was to determine if there was a difference after 20 years between treatments (a) thin only, (b) thin and prescribe burn, and (c) control in terms of the effect on overstory growth and yield, understory plants, tree regeneration and downed woody debris. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) for cubic-foot growth over 20 years showed significant difference (p = 0.016) between the three treatments. Three diversity indices (richness, evenness, and heterogeneity) showed varied results with environmental factors of slope and elevation major variables affecting plant diversity. Regeneration study showed significant seedlings per acre difference (p = 0.010) between treatment (b) and treatments (a) and (c) with white fir (Abies concolor [Gord. & Glend.] Lindl. ex Hildebr.) the majority at 87%. These collected and analyzed data will benefit Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest along with other forest managers who actively manage giant sequoia stands, whether natural or plantation.

Appendix-B. DBH Distribution Graphs_Stand Tables.doc (2070 kB)
Appendix-B. DBH Distribution Graphs/Stand Tables

Appendix-G. Regeneration TPA Graphs.doc (317 kB)
Appendix-G. Regeneration TPA Graphs

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BM 2001,2009 (67607 kB)
Appendix-I. Bogus Meadow 2001,2009 pictures

FM 1989,2001,2009 (119816 kB)
Appendix-I. Frasier Mill 1989,2001,2009 pictures

HQ 1989,2001,2009 (38485 kB)
Appendix-I. Headquarters 1989,2001,2009

IB 1989,2001,2009 (76341 kB)
Appendix-I. Indian Bath 1989,2001,2009

ME 1989,2001,2009 (136213 kB)
Appendix-I. Methuselah 1989,2001,2009

TF 1989,2001,2009 (41444 kB)