Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Industrial Engineering


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


Dr. Tali Freed


An Optimization Approach to Employee Scheduling Using Fuzzy Logic

William G. Spence

Selection of sales employees is critical because the sales employees represent the company’s image, competitive advantage, technology, and values. In many service systems the majority of consumer contact is with the sales department. Since there are different types of customers, scheduling quality salespersons who can adequately help consumers may affect revenue.

This thesis proposes a new methodology for the scheduling of employees in a service system. The methodology uses Fuzzy Logic to calculate possible sales and Linear Programming to create an optimal schedule. This approach enables the rating of sales employees with respect to three customer’s types (Lookie Lou, Price Shopper and Buyer). The salesperson rating, along with customer arrival distribution is then used to optimize sale person scheduling, with the objective of revenue maximization. The uniqueness of this thesis lies in the combination of Fuzzy Logic and Linear Programming. The combination of these two disciplines provides an adaptive tool that can be used to optimize employee scheduling based on personality traits.