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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering





Bridgeless Active Power Factor Correction

Using a Current Fed Push Pull Converter

Jeramie Seth Bianchi

Switched Mode Power Supplies have become increasingly popular for efficient methods of delivering power to an assortment of electronic devices. This thesis proposes a method of using a current fed push pull converter to provide active power factor correction and rectification in a single stage. While most AC-DC converters utilize a bridge rectifier to convert AC-DC and then perform DC-DC conversion, the proposed circuit will utilize its output diodes to perform rectification, thus eliminating the need for a bridge rectifier. This circuit will also inherently provide power factor correction because the input current has a continuous path for current flow due to the current fed topology where no time exists for both switches to be off. Through analog circuitry for the controller, multiple methods of AC main switching are tested, including isolation techniques using optocouplers, to prove the most efficient way to control a bidirectional switch. Simulations with PSPICE and hardware implementation of the design prove that alternative methods to provide quality power conversion for Switched Mode Power Supplies are available.

Keywords: Active Power Factor Correction, Current Fed Push Pull Converter, SMPS, Bidirectional Switching, IGBT, Bridgeless Rectification