Date of Award


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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Xiaomin Jin


High-speed modulations of the semiconductor lasers are highly desirable in cost-effective optical communication systems. Developing the experimental setups to extract the characteristics of the semiconductor lasers is vital to the future of the optical research projects. In this thesis, integrated experimental setup designs have been developed to measure the characteristics of the Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL), Distributed Feedback (DFB), and Fabry-Pérot (FP) lasers. The measurements of the DC characteristics are optical power versus drive current (L-I) curves (DFB, VCSEL) and optical spectra (FP, DFB, VCSEL). In addition, the high-speed optical detection measurement of the optoelectronic frequency responses for VCSEL and FP lasers, and relative intensity noise (RIN) for DFB and FP lasers have also been measured. Finally, the measurement of the frequency response of the optical pumping with 850nm VCSEL has been attempted.

LaserCtrl-OSA-NTA-RFSP (1506 kB)
LabView 7.1 Laser Multiple Control, OSA, RF Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer (267 kB)
LabView 7.1 HP Network Analyzer

NC835 (51 kB)
LabView 7.1 Newport Power Meter 835

Indexing (102 kB)
LabView 7.1 Indexing from Temperature, Drive Current, Optical Power data

Read indexed data (559 kB)
LabView 7.1 Read the Indexed data

Take a reading .vi (22 kB)
LabView 7.1 Reads only a value from the Newport 835 power meter

Test Network Analyzer's Data (35 kB)
LabView 7.1 Testing the Network Analyzer

Readme.txt (1 kB)
Read Me

Laser Multi Control.docx (11357 kB)
Laser Multiple Equipment Control Instruction

Total ABXY Algorithm.doc (1961 kB)
InputParameters.xls (18 kB)