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MS in Agriculture - Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management


William Amspacher


Modern Leadership Compared to Historical Leadership Shown Biblically

Forrest Jones

This thesis is a comparison between modern leadership and historical leadership. Modern leadership has been differentiated from management since the early 1980’s. Historical leadership is shown by Jesus Christ through the Bible, used as a historical text. Historical leadership was found to have two separate tools used by Jesus Christ which would be useful additions to what leadership today is. The first tool is submission to authority. Most people in positions that would be considered leadership positions do not feel that they need to follow anyone else. Often times they act contrary to a way they have been directed to, because they feel their opinion is the only valid one. The second tool is servant leadership. In addition to believing their opinion is the only valid one, most leaders today consider their own needs before others and are not willing to serve those who they see as their followers.

With the incorporation of submission businesses could function smoother, react quicker to challenges and less conflict would develop between leaders and their authority. With the incorporation of servant leadership, employee retention would increase, quality of work would increase and ultimately more goals would be reached.

Current leadership is much more effective in many areas of business than management. The differentiation between the two areas since the early 1980’s has allowed many businesses to react quicker to a changing market place and ultimately become better businesses. Leadership in its current form is effective, but can we historically infer possible improvements through looking at the example of Jesus Christ historically shown in the Bible?

The conclusion is significant in the business world, because it shows that through servant leadership and submission a high degree of ethics and commitment is shown. The net result of the ethics shown in this manner will increase trust both inside the business and to others who interact with them.