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MS in Electrical Engineering




The objective of this study is to observe the correlations between variable operating conditions and power quality parameters for a three-phase to single-phase cycloconverter. The cycloconverter is examined in its most straightforward form without additional output filters or elaborate control methods. Variable operating conditions include input frequency, output frequency, and resistive load size. The power quality parameters of interest are power factor, input current total harmonic distortion (THD), output voltage THD, and efficiency. The scope of the project includes analytical calculations, PSpice simulations, as well as a hardware implementation. The results show that output frequency has minimal effect on power quality. High input frequencies tend to yield less efficiency and larger loads yield higher efficiency. Total harmonic distortion undesirably peaks at a combination of low input frequency and high output frequency. Extrapolations can be made for the cycloconverter operating at different frequencies and loads based on the trends observed within the test matrix.