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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


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Payam Nayeri

Advisor Department

Electrical Engineering

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College of Engineering


Direction finding with radio-frequency (RF) waves have numerous applications in radio navigation, wireless localization, emergency aid, and air traffic control, among others. Direction-finding using digital arrays outperforms traditional analog techniques but requires precise knowledge of the location of the array elements to obtain accurate results. Array perturbations can lead to algorithm failures and false detection, compromising direction-finding capabilities.

This research proposes implementing a Matched Filter - Least Square (MF-LS) algorithm for Two-Way Ranging (TWR) to enhance direction-finding accuracy in arrays with perturbed element locations. The MF-LS algorithm leverages the properties of matched filters to accurately determine element positions by measuring the Time of Flight (ToF) of a signal between two ranging nodes. This method is independent of GPS or other sensor data, making it a cost-effective and easily deployable solution aimed at minimizing the effects of array perturbations, thus improving direction-finding accuracy.

This work validates the MF-LS algorithm efficacy and enables robust direction-finding capabilities in challenging environments where traditional communication and localization services are unavailable. Moreover, this research provides a comprehensive study of direction-finding accuracy in amateur radio bands using the proposed ranging approach which can provide an immediate low-cost option for search and rescue operations in emergency situations.