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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


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Taufik Taufik

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Electrical Engineering

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College of Engineering


This work explores the design, simulation, construction, and analysis of a novel Non-isolated DC-DC Buck-Boost converter which has the advantage of incorporating a low-side switch compared to the traditional buck-boost which requires a high-side switch. This allows the use of a low-side driver which further simplifies the design and operation of the converter. The proposed Buck-Boost converter was constructed to provide -24 V output from an input range of 12V-18V with 15V nominal input at 10W maximum output power utilizing 500kHz switching frequency. Findings from simulations and hardware tests verify that the converter effectively provides the desired -24 V output at varying loads with less than 3% ripple. At the nominal input voltage, the efficiency of the converter reaches 82.37% at full load and peak efficiency of 88.5% at 20% load. Moreover, the input voltage ripple of the proposed non-isolated converter reached 8.4% at full load, due to the pulsating nature of the input current. Overall, results verify the feasibility of the proposed non-isolated Buck-Boost converter as an alternative solution for the conventional buck-boost with the advantage of a low side switch while maintaining a low component count.

Available for download on Thursday, May 29, 2025