Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


College of Engineering


John Clements

Advisor Department

Computer Science

Advisor College

College of Engineering


WebAssembly is an instruction set designed for a stack based virtual machine, with an emphasis on speed, portability and security. As the use cases for WebAssembly grow, so does the desire to target WebAssembly in compilation. In this thesis we present Rasm, a Racket to WebAssembly compiler that compiles a select subset of the top forms of the Racket programming language to WebAssembly. We also present our early findings in our work towards adding a WebAssembly backend to the Chez Scheme compiler that is the backend of Racket. We address initial concerns and roadblocks in adopting a WebAssembly backend and propose potential solutions and patterns to address these concerns. Our work is the first serious effort to compile Racket to WebAssembly, and we believe it will serve as a good aid in future efforts of compiling high-level languages to WebAssembly.