Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Engineering - Biochemical Engineering


Biomedical and General Engineering


College of Engineering


Michael Whitt

Advisor Department

Biomedical and General Engineering

Advisor College

College of Engineering


A surrogate arm model was created that is capable of being used for oscillometry. This model is capable of being used as a bench top model for blood pressure cuff devices. The arm consists of endplates and internal supports that are 3D printed with ABS, a silicone rubber outer sleeve, and interchangeable arteries made from two silicone rubber strips glued together at the edges. The interchangeable arteries have varying compliances that can be used as different inputs for oscillometric testing. A process was established to measure the artery compliances with a curve fit correlation of 0.95. However, testing revealed that this artery compliance relationship might not be an accurate representation of the artery compliance while it is in the surrogate arm system. A blood pressure cuff was also used with the surrogate arm model to measure changes in artery volume. Testing with the surrogate arm revealed a blood pressure cuff was capable of measuring artery volume changes of 2mL to 8mL consistently within 3.28% error. Volume changes of 1mL were unable to be repeatable measured accurately with a blood pressure cuff.