Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Kinesiology




Camille O’Bryant


The purpose of this project was to create a business plan for a profitable, self-sustaining, program to build a bridge between physical therapists and fitness professionals.

The Quick Fit Program was a new service for the existing business San Luis Sports Therapy. The program was designed to be implemented within each of the company’s physical therapy clinics in California using existing personnel and resources. The Quick Fit Program is one way in which physical therapy practices can diversify the services they offer to keep pace with the changing landscape of healthcare.

Clients in the Quick Fit Program would receive an assessment of basic health and fitness during their initial visit. After the assessments, a licensed physical therapist debriefs each client and offers recommendations or referral to a physician or gym program as appropriate. Staff in the Quick Fit Program would also schedule a follow-up appointment three to six months from the date of the initial visit to assess any changes or improvements in health and fitness measures since the initial visit.